Neidio i'r prif gynnwy

1. Welcome & Introductions

The Welsh Government (WG) welcomed attendees to the meeting and invited introductions around the table.

2. Summary of meeting –  03/02/2021

The Group agreed the summary of the 03/02/2021 meeting.

3. Overview on the Act and Communications update

WG provided an overview and update on the Act and the associated implementation groups, including a more detailed update on the communications work relating to the Act.

4. Parenting update

WG provided an update on the parenting policy and parenting communications work that has been undertaken since the last meeting as follows:

  • Parenting. Give it time (PGiT): a number of new resources have been created or finalised since the last meeting, including Children’s Behaviour and Give them Time theme films, Top Tips for Staying Positive in the Spring and Summer, Top Tips film on Working from Home, a blog created by a new mum about her experience during lockdown, Top Tips and information resources on Screen Time and Routines, new blog content from the Parenting. Give it time FACES families, about their experiences of lockdown/ home-schooling, 2 ERIC Bladder and Bowel resources; and work has also begun on gathering information and resources from trusted sources to support the expansion of the PGiT age ranges from 0 – 7 to 0 – 18 years of age.
  • Covid 19 Response Funding – Promoting family relationships: Welsh Government funding was offered to local authorities during financial year 2020-21, to help them to strengthen their capability to support families experiencing difficulties in their relationships, helping to resolve conflict and reduce the stress on the family as a result of Covid 19 and lockdown. End of year claims for the funding have been received.

    A licence for three digital parenting support interventions, available to all parenting practitioners and parents in Wales has been purchased with some of the funding. A full evaluation will be undertaken.

5. Mapping of existing parenting programme analysis – Follow up and Bespoke parenting programme and minimum standards

The mapping exercise, informed by information provided by local authority parenting practitioners across Wales, was discussed.

This has provided an overview of the parenting support available through local authorities across Wales. While some gaps in types of provision available were identified, these could be filled by co-operation between local authorities. Further mapping will take place during 2021.

The importance of work to gain an improved understanding of the parenting workforce, their important contribution to supporting families and the development of minimum standards for the workforce were dscussed.  It was agreed that a small task and finish group comprising of members of the PEAG and Parenting Network, would be set up to take this work forward. 

8. AOB and closing remarks

No further business was raised and the Chairs thanked everyone for attending.